Thursday, 26 October 2017


Trip to the Gold Coast zoo

Have you ever held a koala before well I haven't and this was the day I was going to.

So it all started at the airport, then the car rental place, and then hotel. Days past, nothing to do, sizzling in the hot sun, then it came to zoo day, the thing I was looking forward to do the most (accept the theme parks). So it was a bright and sunny day and we were going to the zoo but it was about to change because when we got to the zoo the cl0uds were rolling in and the storm was coming.

So first we were going to the kangaroo but we didn't know where to go so we went on a little train and once we saw the kangaroos ( it was like an hour there and back )we hopped off and so we got some kangaroo food and then we went into the kangaroo cage and feed them. That's all for the kangaroos.

And after that we walked over to the birds and koalas. We didn't really look at the birds cause we had already seen bird before so then we walked over to the koalas and I saw a baby one. It was so small like the size of my hand.

And then we walked to the crocodiles and there were two that were so big. One was like three meters long but we missed the crocodile feeding which I wanted to see so bad.

When we went over to see the snake we saw one so fat and so long it was more than four meters long. I was really scared of it, so I didn't want to see more.  I just went out of the building they were in as fast as could go.

 Then we walked to the very front of the zoo and this was the most exciting part of my trip to the zoo. So we lined up waiting to hold a koala and then two minutes later we got to the front of the line then it was my turn to hold a koala for the first time.  We got a family photo and one just with me and the koala and once we left my mum had realised the koala had poo on me. 

But just like that my trip to the zoo it was all over.

And I hoped you enjoyed my story of going to the zoo and  holding a koala.

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