Tuesday, 24 October 2017

Sculptures Reflection

Sculptures Reflection

A found objects art is a piece of art where you don't buy stuff you get them from around your house.

What I used to make my found art project was Popsicle sticks, a big round toilet roll, fake flower, paint, sticker, colour paper and magazines and that what I used to make my found art.

I didn't have an inspiration because I was making it up as I went so I don't have a picture.

Something that went well was that it was round roll so it was hard to stick all the stuff on but I did it and it hasn't fallen  off yet.

What I like to change is the colour because I think it needs to be more colourful because it's just white.

Next time I may make it more colourful or just leave it white if I do it next time.

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