Tuesday, 24 October 2017

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 Town Trip 

In week one our class went on a town trip we looked in the art gallery, the dance floor and the Margaret Mahy playground .

First we went to The art gallery But the sad thing about going to the art gallery was that only the upstairs was open but there were cool thing upstairs.

Then we went to the Margaret Mahy playground to see where the force is in the playground.

Then we went to look around town and go to the dance floor why we went to look around the town is to see the art in the city and then we went to the dance floor but the sad thing about the dance floor it was broken because the washing machine was not working.

Dance, Music And Drama

Now our class is doing art if you wondering what arts is it when we do dance, music and drama.

First I did dance with kiri my teacher and the dance moves we did were putting the dishes away and more I can not say because there are too many to say.

Second I did music with Mrs McCabe so what we did was get into groups of five in my group there were Megan, Ella Morgan, Ella F,  Aishani  and I we had to make music with stuff we found around the classroom but the twist was that we couldn't used real instruments.

Defining A Moment In Time 

My class was defining what a moment in time was we learnt that a moment in time is a second it can be a photo, a video or it can memory so one day we went out and around school to take photos and in the photos there could be you and a friend or just you and that what a moment in time is.

Calendar Art 

When did Calendar art we had a choice out of three to make I made a mosaic one and this is what mine looks like this 
I'm pretty proud of what I did because this took me two days to finish.

Fly On The Wall

Fly on the wall what a fly no the wall is when you go to a different class and take photos but the thing is when nobody knows that you're there and that is what a fly on the wall is.


In week eight Sharnika and I started our art project for our art project we did something different this is what Sharnika look like
Then this is what mind looks likes 

And this is my plan 
Who I'm working with 
Sharnika and I 

What we need 
Round cardboard bin thingy.
Toy cars.
Hot glue sticks.
Hot glue gun.

Who's bringing what
Round cardboard bin thingy.school
Toy cars.Sharnika
Hot glue sticks.both
Hot glue gun.school

Cut the round cardboard bin thing in half.
Glue the toy cars around the    round bin thing.
spray paint the outside of them both.
Put in soil.
And last but not least but in the flower.

Mow my sculptures reflection

A found objects art is a piece of art where you don't buy stuff you get them from around your house.

What I used to make my found art project was Popsicle sticks, a big round toilet roll, fake flower, paint, sticker, colour paper and magazines and that what I used to make my found art.

I didn't have an inspiration because I was making it up as I went so I don't have a picture.

Something that went well was that it was round roll so it was hard to stick all the stuff on but I did it and it hasn't fallen of yet.

What I like to change is the colour because I think it needs to be more colourful because it's just white.

Next time I may make it more colourful or just leave it white if I do it next time.

Money Shot 

What a money shot is , is when you take a photo of something to capture a moment in but our money shot is about  Te-Puna because everyone body basically Starts in Te-Punta in our school and that is what a money shot is.

And this is my photo of my money shot.

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