Tuesday, 7 March 2017

Bean Report 2016

Bean Report 2016 

Many people have gardens do you have one 
I wonder how a bean can grow without soil ?
So kiri our teacher presented me with a bean and she said this is your baby take good care of it .

I hypothesise was that my bean needed lots of water because it doesn't have soil .

Step 1 . I got a observation sheet and glued it in my book .
Step 2 . Then I got my bean from kiri .
Step 3 . And once I got my bean I museum it . 
Step 4 . Then kiri gave me a Petri dish .
Step 5 . Then I got tissue and wet it with water .
Step 6 . Then I put everything into the Petri dish .

When I started it was on 09/08/2016 of August , size it was 1.2 mm Long and 1 mm wide , colour was white with a bit of grey , texture was smooth and the shape was like a little ear but with no leafs . 

Something I learnt was that beans doesn't need soil to grow .

 And this is how you grow a bean without soil you will need :
Petri dish or plastic bag

. By Jessika .

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