Thursday, 15 September 2016

This is my boomerang story

This is my boomerang story …
My boomerang story is about a mum kangaroo and a baby kangaroo to find their family.

The mum kangaroo and the baby kangaroo walked to a water hole and that's where they met a dad, mum and baby platypus. Then they walked past two big trees. They looked up and saw two koala’s eating some bamboo then the koalas looked down and said hi and the kangaroo said bye. After they had meet the koala’s they went to a forest that they went to all the time with their family.  They got there and they went to sleep  for the night. The next day it was raining. They were not happy so they stayed in the forest one more night. Then the next day it was very hot and sunny so they walked a long time before they got home to their family. Their family were so happy to have them home .

By Jessika .

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