Thursday, 9 June 2016

Discovery Time W3 - T3

 Discovery Time Reflection
W3 - T3

Today at discovery time did origami with Brooklyn and Vanessa and I made an envelope, an air shark and a lemonade stand in the morning.  We did it in room 12 by the window on the right side. How I did it was because I tried my hardest but when you got the hang of it, it got easier by the minute. Why I did it was because I wanted to try something new.

Something I learnt about myself was that I’m okay at origami but not that good but I’m still going to try new thing even if I’m not good at.

Someone I noticed was Brooklyn because when Vanessa gave up Brooklyn helped her get back up with the origami.

   A struggle for me was when I tried to make a mini piano that was probably the hardest origami I tried to make .

What I felt about origami was it is really really hard but I tried.

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