Monday, 20 June 2016



Are you scared of something !because I am scared of going Into a forest.
I was scared at first but then at the end I was fine. For orienteering we had to go out of camp and into the forest .

We Walked for a long time till  we got to the spot . 

We walked over a bridge and then Mia found the first one which was number one .

Some of us stayed  in a group but some of us didn't and we also had three  parents helping us. 

The one that was the hardest was number eight but all of us walked past it a million times and we didn't see it . When we found it we had to have lunch then we had to go. 

None of us wanted to go, but we had to because we needed to get to our next  activity.

At the start I was scared  of going orienteering because i’ve only been orienteering ones that had a road by it so I wasn't that scared before but at the end of orienteering and I was fine .

Something I want to work on is to get over my fear of going into forest .

Something I want  to work on is to show not  tell .

Something I am proud of me is that I got over my fear .

Something that I am improved on in my writing is that I am trying my hardest to do my best and to do all I can .

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  1. Well done Jessica its good to hear you got over your fear.