Sunday, 15 May 2016

Discovery Time

Discovery Time 

Today at discovery time I did dance with Ollie,Mia,Emily,Sophie and Megan in the room of requirement. .
The role I played was to listen to the instructions and to copying to do the moves to the beat .

The strategy I used was to copy and practise to do the moves in time with the beat .

Something new I have learnt is to do marching and dancing and then put them together .

A struggle  for me was to do the marching moves because it was hard but I tried my hardest to get it right but I didn't get it right the first time .

A challenge for me was to do the marching moves because my friend Sophie does marching and today at discovery time she showed us some moves and then we copy her it was hard but onces you got the hang of it got easy .

I showed a growth mindset when I trying my hardest because it was so hard .

Next discovery time I want to show an important by to do the best I can next discovery time I am going to do dance with Ollie,Sophie,Mia,Emily and Megan .

Overall today I had fun Learning to do marching and dance and put them together .

By Jessika 

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  1. I love how you described your stragle was marching